I've been incredibly fortunate to get so far into contra calling so quickly. The main ingredients have been incredible support and mentorship from a great many people, followed closely by good luck and hard work.

The support of people who may not even realize how big a difference they've made is why I can do this. Thank you!!! --to everyone who's been so encouraging. Your generosity of time, spirit, opportunity and knowledge has given me so much. The only way I know to properly thank you is to keep improving and building on the confidence you've shown in me.

If I've overlooked you, please don't take it as a personal slight! I may have the occasional brain fart, but I know I owe a debt of gratitude to you, and you, and you too.

First and foremost, thanks to Susan Petrick, who first put a card in my hand. Who knew?

In addition, special thanks to
Peter Bull
Bob Dalsemer
Larry Enlow
Nils Fredland
Roger Gold
Lisa Greenleaf
Jerome Grisanti
Barbara Groh
Julie Howell
David Kaynor
Barb Kirchner
Lalah Manly
Beth Molaro
Karen Parker
Mike Robinson
Mara Shea
Diane Silver
Seth Tepfer
David White
Thanks to all the organizers who took a risk and hired me before I had experience. Without your willingness I never would have gained that experience.

Thanks also to the truly outstanding musicians with whom I've been so fortunate to work! You know who you are (probably because I can't stop falling over myself telling you so.) I've learned more from you than I can put into words.

Finally, thank you to all the dancers who come and give us all a reason to do what we do! Without your joy in dancing, your support of dances local and far-flung, and your energy on the dance floor, there'd be no point in any of this.

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